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About The Program

The Strength Profile is a comprehensive assessment that categorizes strengths into four quadrants based on performance, energy, and use. These quadrants provide insights into different aspects of your strengths and how they manifest in your life:


Realise Your Strengths

Realised strengths are the areas where you excel and have achieved notable performance. These strengths are characterized by high levels of effectiveness and success in various domains of your life. They energize and motivate you, and you frequently utilize them to achieve outstanding results.

Unrealised strengths are hidden or underutilized abilities that have not been fully recognized or developed. These strengths have the potential to contribute significantly to your performance and success. While you may have not yet fully harnessed them, they hold untapped energy and possibilities waiting to be explored and utilized effectively.

Learned behaviours refer to skills and abilities that you have acquired and developed over time through education, training, or experience. Although you may be proficient in these areas, they may not necessarily energize you. While they may be valuable in certain contexts, they are distinct from your inherent strengths and may require more effort and conscious use.

Weaknesses are areas where you may have limitations or face challenges that could potentially have a negative impact on your life. It is important to assess whether these weaknesses are hindering your progress or causing significant difficulties.


If weaknesses are not significantly impeding your overall well-being or goals, the focus may shift towards leveraging your strengths to enhance your performance. However, if weaknesses are indeed affecting your life negatively, the Strength Profile emphasizes the importance of utilizing your strengths to support and mitigate those weaknesses.

By understanding these four quadrants and their relation to your performance, energy, and use, the Strength Profile empowers you to leverage your realised strengths, unlock your unrealised strengths, navigate your learned behaviours, and address your weaknesses.


This comprehensive analysis enables you to optimise your strengths, manage your energy effectively, and develop strategies to overcome challenges, ultimately leading to greater success and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

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